About Us

Since established in 1994, Huacheng Mould has passed ISO9001 and was recommended to be the best SMC/BMC/GMT/LFT/LFI mould supplier in China. With the company philosophy of “Honesty, quality, and efficiency” which enable us to keep a long-term cooperation with our customers overseas. Having the capability of design and making moulds according to European technical standards and quality level, Huacheng has become one of the pillars of the industry.


We have successful experience in making various kinds of moulds for:


● Auto Parts: Bumper, engine hood, chassis, front panel, truck door, dashboard, lampshade, foot board, fender etc.

 Communication and Electric appliances: Electric meter box, cable branch box, transforming and distributing box, air-condition, satellite dish etc.

 Sanitary and Kitchenware: Bathtub, wash basin, sink, ceiling board, chassis, wallboard wainscot etc.

 Door: We have unique experience in making SMC/MDF/HDF doorskin mould with wood grain.

 Transportation: SMC Motor boat, SMC railway frame, train seat, roof, window frame and lavatory etc.

 Construction: Water tank, septic-tank etc.


The customers of Huacheng Mould are all over the world, such as America, Italy, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and so on. Our products enjoy the highest quality with the most reasonable price.