Determination of SMC mold heating method

The temperature of the mold directly affects the molding quality and production efficiency of the product, so a heating system needs to be added to the mold to meet the ideal temperature requirement.
The heating system is divided into electric heating, steam heating and oil heating. Electric heating is the most commonly used heating method. Its advantages are simple and compact equipment, low investment, easy installation, maintenance and use, easy temperature adjustment and easy automatic control; steam heating, fast heating, relatively uniform temperature, but difficult to control, cost Relative electric heating is high; oil heating, the temperature is uniform and stable, and the heating is fast, but it pollutes the working environment.
The heating method used for the new mold can be determined according to the existing conditions of each company, the size of the mold, and the complexity of the mold cavity.
When selecting the mold material, it should be selected according to different production batches, process methods and processing objects. The SMC mold should choose materials that are easy to cut, have a dense structure, and have good polishing performance. The following are the commonly used mold steels when the company makes molds:
P20(3Cr2Mo): commonly used in injection molds, better quality steel;
738: Injection mold steel, super pre-hardened plastic mold steel, suitable for high-demand durable plastic mold, good polishing, uniform hardness;
718(3Cr2NiMo): Pre-hardened steel, used for long-term production of injection molds, with better polishing and erosion workability, and slightly better quality than P20;
40Cr: combined quenching and tempering steel, suitable for making mold upper and lower template, hardness and polishing performance is slightly better than 50C steel;
50C: Steel commonly used in molds, suitable for making injection mold frames, hardware mold frames and parts;
45# steel: The most commonly used mold steel has low hardness, is not wear-resistant, and has good plasticity and toughness, so it has good processing performance and relatively low price. Now 45# steel is usually used to process auxiliary spare parts such as pads and pressing plates.